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Chapel in St Frances de Sales School

May 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The long abandoned chapel retains the grandeur of its past. The soaring ceilings and rich stained glass windows amid crumbling walls and creaking floors still exude the richness and splendor of the building. The chapel was attached to the main building of the school which may have been a combination of class and dormitory rooms. Part of the school building has collapsed and is no longer accessible but the chapel door is open and you can get an idea of what the place must have looked like fifty plus years ago. in the first part of the twentieth century thousands of girls went to this school and worshiped in this magnificent room. The school was run by the Sisters of the Benevolent Sacrament which was founded more than a century ago by Saint Katherine Drexel. The school was closed in the seventies and is slowly deteriorating; a tower on the structure collapsed and fully exposed one part of the building to the elements. The chapel is lit only by the sun through the stained glass.

Chapel at St Frances de SalesBack of chapelBack of the chapel at St Frances de Sales school looking up at loft and windows ChapelFront of ChapelLooking from back to front of the chapel at St Frances de Sales school. This is the left side of the chapel with part of the altar showing on the right side of the image Altar RailAltar railAt the altar rail in the chapel at St Frances de Sales school for girls Stairway in chapel to loftBack of ChapelAt the back of the chapel is a stairway to the loft lit by stained glass windows


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