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Green Spring Gardens Walkabout

May 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I took a train trip to Northern Virginia to do a walkabout with a friend in my favorite garden spot. I even had the chance to see a large number of cicadas which we don't have in my new RVA neighborhood. I didn't find many images that jumped onto my sensor but I had fun meeting with my friends, one of whom I hadn't seen in 15 months...the beginning of the pandemic. Green Spring Gardens is hidden just a couple of hundred yards from Little River Turnpike and is an island of quiet and beauty. The first image I noticed because of the bright, bright yellow highlighted by the dewdrops. The next two grabbed my attention with their unique patterns and bold angles.

Green Spring Gardens FlowerGreen Spring Gardens FlowerGreen Spring Gardens Flower, perhaps a daffodil...I'm not sure HiddenHIdden!!This structure was fascinating, the bud (or whatever it's called) was hidden (perhaps protected) by all of the leaves surrounding the center. SymmetrySymmetryThis bud was almost 2 feet above the circular leaf pattern at its base.


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