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Terry Understock

May 19, 2021  •  1 Comment

Terry UnderstockTerry UnderstockCoolest of the Cool.

My brother-in-law Terry unexpectedly passed away this last weekend. He was a fighter with a gentle inner strength way above the norm. I am saddened beyond description and know his immediate family is too. I cannot be with them when they celebrate his life tomorrow but wanted to tell my friends of his passing.

I most remember his caring and concern for others. For Terry, helping people personally and professionally was second nature. He was a very private person shunning notice of his own personal and professional accomplishments even while he proudly lauded the achievements of his friends, family, and colleagues. He gave so much of himself to all of them. His life certainly was not one of calm waters and easy navigation. Rather, hard work, physical challenges, injuries, changes in national and local economics, business crises, and more all made his life’s journey seem tempestuous and challenging to the observer, but to Terry, all in a day’s life…the way things should be done.

If I were sailing at sea in a terrible storm, I’d imagine a sweet spot in the position of the boat, the tension of the sails, and the angle of the rudder…the manner and method of maintaining course and minimizing the tempest of the storm. Terry was that sweet spot in life’s tempestuous journey.



Chuck Clayton(non-registered)
I graduated with Terry and remember him to be everything you have stated. I broke my leg in High School football and was across the hall from Terry in the Huron Hospital, after he had a hunting accident. He was in a lot of pain and I felt so sorry for him ---- but it probably contributed to the men we would become. So sorry for your families loss.
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