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Maymont Pergola

June 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The Italian Garden of Maymont sits just below the plain of the Potomac shoreline, perhaps called the geological terrace. The gardens were designed by locals who modeled the grounds in the 15th and 16th century Italian classical style. At the back of the gardens, overlooking the Potomac, the waterfalls, the stone works, and the gardens is this Pergola. I estimate that the structure is about 250 feet long, I tried to envision Richmond's gentry sipping tea or cocktails looking out over the river at the setting sun. The Dooleys, the owning family, did not spend summers here so the gardens and view would have been more accessible in moderate temperatures. Still...250 long! But a great view. This image is from the dome end of the pergola which has a unique echo at the center point.

Pergola at MaymontPergola at Maymont EstatePergola at Maymont looking from the dome towards the Mansion


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