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The "Small Stuff" in the Japanese Garden at Maymont in Richmond

June 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Sensory overload is definitely possible in the Japanese Garden at Maymont. Initially I found myself seeing only the "big stuff," the rolling hills, the colorful trees, the curving lines of the water. But, then I slowed my walk (and not just because of the heat) to look closer or rather allow myself to see more clearly. And then I saw the gently blowing grass, the rocks poking out of the stream leading my eye to the bridge, the rich texture of the bridge's rocks outlining the portal to the lake, the contrasts of hard (rocks) and soft (swaying grass). I often forget to slow down and allow myself to see. I will go back, I know there's more.

BridgeGentle BridgeJapanese Garden at Maymont in Richmond, VA BridgeBridgeWalking bridge in the Japanese Garden at Maymont


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