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It's All About The Light

July 15, 2021  •  1 Comment

When I made my first image with a Single Lens Reflex camera in 1969, one of my mentors, Keith Kettering said, "It's all about the light." Sounds obvious but the message was really an understatement of what I needed to pay attention to throughout the process of finding to printing. Even today I admit that I take the light for granted, especially if I'm outside in the middle of the day in the bright, bright sun. If I'm thinking properly, I look for shadows, tones, gradients, etc., that might give a hint of depth and mystery. This is another image from the Belmeade Estate...the abandoned chapel at St Francis de Sales, a school for girls. I sometimes wonder what happened to Keith, does he still live in South Dakota, does he still take pictures, does he still look for the light?

Chapel in St Francis de Sales SchoolChapel in St Francis de Sales SchoolThe sun shining through a window in the opposite wall onto the altar rail


Lynn Understock(non-registered)
Beautiful contrast .... love this one
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