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San Clemente Pier

July 26, 2021  •  1 Comment

Today is my cousin Rene's birthday, she lives in Southern California, a place I enjoy visiting and where I'd like to visit again. After the pandemic. And probably not by plane.

As much as I love Southern Cal that love is not for the surfing or sailing or swimming. No...I am not a fan of walking in the sand and certainly not of chumming for ocean sea creatures with my body. But I am a huge fan of the sight, sound, and smell of the ocean and love to sit or walk along the high bluffs above the beaches. When the ocean crashes onto the beach my senses are filled with the power and immensity of that joining. This image of the San Clemente Pier was taken from Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens sitting on a cliff high above the beach. Perfect.

I hope Rene has a great day. 

San Clemente PierSan Clemente PierSan Clemente Pier and CIty Beach taken from Casa Romantica


Lee, thanks for the birthday remembrances for my sister. She certainly lives in the beautiful area that we all can enjoy from time to time. Your photos always help with that.
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