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Maggie Valley North Carolina

August 15, 2021  •  1 Comment

Last weekend our daughter was married in Maggie Valley, NC, a mountain destination an hour outside of Asheville. The weekend was wonderful, the weather was cooperative, and the outside wedding was mostly rain free. We reunited with friends and family and met new folks...a great time. I did not have time to do any "proper" proper walkabouts (if there is such a thing) but did find a few images that made me think.

Apparently the land was originally occupied by the Cherokee until they were driven out in the early 19th century when white settlers arrived. On a side road I discovered an inn that had this old buckboard wagon sitting at the entrance to the drive. I wondered how old the wagon was and what "extras" the wagon might have had...brakes (the wood block in front of the right rear wheel), suspension (spring system), a bracket for a wagon cover (between the rear wheel and the body). And I wondered, were we as proud of our wagons 150 years ago as we are of our cars today? Hmmmm, good question.

The second image is from the stream that split the wedding venue in half. Brook, brown, and rainbow trout are in there and I saw folks fishing from the shore as well as with waders. Fly gear and spinners. But I didn't see anything on the hook. 

WagonBuckboard WagonWagon in Maggie Valley, NC

Trout StreamTrout StreamStream in Maggie Valley, NC


Lynn Understock(non-registered)
Beautiful… can’t wait for Debbies pictures …. The venue looked absolutely fairytale like…. The bride was beautiful ❤️
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