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The Heat

August 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The heat is truly oppressive. I know that it's really me that's the problem in the equation, lots of people live in places with higher temperatures and humidity. But, that's not me...I am a temperate soul. I was going through images I'd labeled as "seasonal" and came across this set from the mountains of West Virginia or Pennsylvania, not sure which. I was wandering around by myself on the way back to DC from Ohio. I had fun although many of the country roads were very narrow with no shoulders so pulling off to look around was often difficult. Seems like not too long ago but looking at the capture date.....November 8, 2009. Wow. How time seems to zoom by.

Solitude at SunsetSolitude at SunsetA lone house on a mountain prairie in West Virginia or Pennsylvania.


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