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Impermanent, Imperfect

September 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I am still working on "the me," that is my philosophy towards life and art. You'd think that after all of these decades mucking about that I would have figured it out, but no, that's just not the way things are for me. For a while, I've been looking at wabi sabi and have started reading a book, "Wabi Sabi, The Wisdom in Imperfection" by Nobuo Suzuki. an author and philosopher currently living in Japan. Describing the concept of wabi sabi is difficult, Impermanent and imperfect are two descriptors commonly used. How does one experience wabi sabi? Suzuki suggests accepting imperfection, respecting what is fragile, being dynamically calm while we observe what we feel, being modest and accepting of all things impermanent while focusing on the here and now. I am certainly not trying to appropriate Japanese culture by learning about wabi sabi, I am using the tenets and philosophy to better understand me and my approach to art.

Everything has a story even if the story is a short one, if I move too fast I might miss that story. I can't seen to help it though, a clock is ticking in my head that I need to hurry up. I try to pause often, I will try harder. I was walking on the east part of the canal walk in Richmond not too far from the train station. It's a diverse and dynamic and often invisible population in that part of town. I saw these newish looking dress shoes sitting on this stone bench in an otherwise deserted section of the canal walk. And I wondered how.

ShoesShoesShoes on a bench in a deserted area under the bridges on the canal walk in Richmond, VA


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