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Last Night My Hair Turned White

December 12, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

For years I've avoided mirrors, not on purpose, just, well...because. When I retired, so did my need for GQ. Not that I ever was GQ, I just needed a mirror to get all the buttons buttoned properly. After retirement, well, I wear shirts without buttons for the most part. I digress.

This morning and I'm not sure why, I looked at a picture of me that someone took last weekend and Oh! My! God! My hair is white!! WHITE!  It was just a day or two ago when I was in the barber's chair and saw a tiny bit of grey. So...I'm pretty sure that some NOAA-induced super-snow cloud brought a cold, freezing breeze into my room last night and left me with this Jack Frost do! People will not recognize me. And law enforcement!! If they look at the me on my driver's license, they will arrest the new me for kidnapping the pictured me. 

But then I look at my profile and the plot (and me) has thickened! And, I have a beard. It's white, too!! Maybe I am taking on the earthborn persona of Tim Allen's Santa Clause. It can't be that I'm getting old...too, too many things still to do. Are those cookies?

Snow!Snow fall in my front yard several years ago



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