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Low Tide

March 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Time does not stand still and as Canute the Great found out one thousand years ago, no man can stop the tide. I was mind deep in a pile of paperwork a couple of days ago and needed a break. I got together with a friend and we did a brief walkabout along the river south of Old Town under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and surrounding neighborhood. The tide was out, the sun was bright, and this image leapt out at me. I believe this little inlet used to be part of the shoreline commerce facilities three hundred years ago. What remains is a city park and two million dollar townhomes. The tides are not friendly to shorelines so I'm guessing that all of the stakes with white markers are part of a water damage mitigation study. Maybe. Who knows. I enjoyed the view.

Low TideLow TidePotomac River in Alexandria, VA, at low tide.


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