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St Francis de Sales School

March 28, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

The St Francis de Sales school for African American girls was a Catholic Church institution. The girls were taught in the classrooms and on the campus, lived and ate in the dormitories, and went to church in the sanctuary which was part of the main building. Today it's all abandoned and for the most part inaccessible because of the dangerous crumbling structure. I stood in the chapel, looked down this hallway and tried to imagine the voices, laughter, and discipline that must have been ever present in this place. Except, of course, during services. Turning left from the hallway view but staying in the same place on the floor, are these wall pews or benches. I heard a couple of the St Francis alums on John Plashal's YT channel talk about this room. Not only were church services held here but also other major school events, like graduations. It must have been an awesome room. It still is.

St Francis de Sales HallwaySt Francis de Sales HallwayLooking down a hallway from the abandoned nave in the African American school for girls, St Francis de Sales Side PewsSide PewsPews or chairs at the side of the nave in St Francis de Sales school for African American girls


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