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Virginia is for Lovers

September 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

That's the tagline of the Virginia tourism industry. Virginia is actually a very big state with beaches, mountains, prairies...the works. I enjoy living here and believe that some of the state's hurtful history is beginning to heal, at least I hope so. Politics and policies in the state government have recently become more hateful and prejudicial but that is the history of politics in the state...starts off slow but eventually things end up about where they should be. For instance, Virginia closed all of its public schools for years to avoid integration. Sigh. Eventually things began to change and I'm heartened by the grass roots changes I've seen so far with statues and street names. Change comes slowly and there will be bumps but I like the tagline, this is a table top in my house.

LoveLoveFall table top


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