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February 19, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I have a poetry section on this website. Once in a while I add a piece. This is one that I started working on a while ago. This and many others are on the "Poetry" page. Please visit.

EarthquakeComing of Age


I sat next to my grandfather on the floor where he'd fallen.
He lay twitching and shaking from the brain bleed
that would kill him just moments later.
Watching him die,
all that I learned about
love and life
fanned out before my 14-year-old eyes.
Wanting to help him. Terrified I didn't know how.
Then he was gone.
I was alone.
Certainly now the world would
pause or salute or shed a tear.
But nothing slowed;
few noticed.
Nothing changed.

Except me.


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