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My art is the fusion of time, place, context, light, and story all in one "view." I really don't think of my photos as things "captured" or "shots taken" but rather at least three stories frozen in a single moment: my story, the story of the content in the photo, and the story of the people who may see the photo. 

I tend to move at a slower pace than most so that I have time to notice the little things that often I, and perhaps others, sometimes take for granted.


Not quite sure where to start...

June 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Inside the antiques shop the hallways wind about and about and I'm sure one could easily get lost. Or so distracted you only wake up when someone screams, "Off with his head!"  The hallway I was in widened into a large room but piled high with stuff and in the stuff was a LARGE scale model of the London Bridge!! By large, I mean the thing was at least six feet high from its base. And each one of the towers was in the model!!! I was only able to get part of one of them in the shot!

Right next to the bridge is an old English pub. Actually, I think several pubs have been combined but there is one large bar back. The first shot after the bridge is the "Public" sign that probably would have been in the window at the door. The next is a large bar back. Everything in this room was labeled "Private Collection, Not For Sale." Then there's a lot of bull, and, finally, an old crossbow. Kind of astonishing.

Scale Model of London BridgeScale Model of London BridgeLondon Bridge Pub Door GlassPub Door GlassSign from English pub door Bar BackBar BackEnglish Pub Barback Steer's Head in English PubSteer's Head in English PubBull's Head English PubEnglish PubCrossbow in English Pub

Antique Store

June 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I stumbled across the "Antiques & Interiors" store in High Point, NC. What a PLACE! I don't really have all the words I need to describe this outside/inside walk in what can only be described as an Alice in Wonderland kind of adventure. I'll post some more over the next several days, this one is the base of a table...the base is all sticks that are somehow formed to support the marble top. 

Antique table base made from sticks!Antique table base made from sticks!Antique table base made from sticks!

High Point, North Carolina

June 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In the middle of High Point is a quiet, peaceful park known as the Bog Park. Lots of trees (and shade!), bubbling brooks, a lake, and even a small, man made waterfall. It was a wonderful place to escape the heat and the rushing to and fro. 

The Bog Park LakeThe Bog Park LakeBog Park Lake in High Point, NC



Bog Park Lake WaterfallBog Park Lake WaterfallBog Park Lake, man made waterfall about four feet high

B&O Railroad Museum

June 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I am absolutely fascinated by trains which is sort of a mystery since you could probably count on two hands the number of times I've actually been on a "real" train (metro does NOT count). The history of our country, the history of commerce in America, the history of education, science, politics, economy, etc., etc., etc., all had rail involved for decades!! Much of that past is preserved for us at the B&O Railroad Museum. I spent too short a time there yesterday and I MUST go back. Each train they had (and they had MANY) has its own story and the stories are amazing. There are very knowledgeable and passionate volunteers throughout the HUGE museum who can answer questions and provide information on almost all train things. I could have stayed for hours. Most of the facility is NOT air conditioned so it can be hot. As I said, there are many, many, many, many trains and cars both inside and outside. The Roundhouse is gorgeous and still functional. The "shop" is fascinating. It's a cool place to visit. I'll put more pictures up the next time I go back.

I've made the downloads free for these. Click on the photo, you'll be taken to the gallery where you can find a teeny, tiny menu at the top left rollover corner of the photo where you can click "Download."

Round House and trainsOne third of the Round HouseRound House and trains

Roof of RoundhouseRoof of RoundhouseRoof of Roundhouse

Old, old locomotive with car in backgroundOld, old locomotive with car in backgroundOld, old locomotive with car in background Stage Coach with train detail on doorStage Coach with train detail on doorStage Coach with train detail on door Wheels of stage coachWheels of stage coachWheels of stage coach

New River

June 11, 2018  •  1 Comment

The New River flows hither and yon in the southwest part of Virginia as well as North Carolina and West Virginia. I'm told that this river is one of the oldest in the US and one of the most scenic. I had a few minutes before a baseball game and so raced over to a park in Radford, VA, to get a few shots. I found a peaceful and powerful river flowing from south to north with small "rapids" right in the middle of the Radford community.  This is taken from a small creek that's a tributary to the river.

New River in Radford, VASmall Creek feeding into New River in Radford, VANew River in Radford, VA