Greetings! This is my place for art and thinking. The images I find out in the world and close to home are sometimes put here. I like to smile and hence like to find images that are smileworthy. I'm also a bit melancholy sometimes and hence you might find images of solitude and loneliness. 


New Poems

February 21, 2021
I found a recent news story about an undersea creature that lived far below the Arctic Ice Cap in complete darkness where in truth, nothing should be able to live. No sun...
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The Magic Lights of Old Town at Night

February 12, 2021
In last week's walkabout the mood was almost fantasy as the cold air and the bright lights merged with plastic dining tents under the dark skies. I wanted to think "Disne...
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February 08, 2021
Walking about in Old Town with almost no one there was a bit surreal and quite frankly, eerie. The dining is "outside" either in plastic tents or under awnings. Of course...
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Winter Night

February 07, 2021
Something about walking in town during the winter has always been fun for me. Usually silence is the thing you here unless there's crunchy snow and biting snow pellets. O...
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Night Walker

February 05, 2021
Sounds like a scary movie..."The Night Walker." Probably was, I'll google it. Hmmm. Well, in 1964 Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor starred in a "psychological thriller"...
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