Greetings! This is my place for art and thinking. The images I find out in the world and close to home are sometimes put here. I like to smile and hence like to find images that are smileworthy. I'm also a bit melancholy sometimes and hence you might find images of solitude and loneliness. 


Rainy Day

May 29, 2021
Sometimes the smallest things capture my attention. On this rainy day I was reminded of a walkabout I did in Green Spring Gardens last August in the middle of the pandemi...
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Memorial Day

May 28, 2021
Memorial Day is the main day that we honor those that died in the military in service to this country although I think we should remember everyday. The most significant p...
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Alexandria Waterfront

May 27, 2021
During my visit to NOVA I did a quick walkabout on the waterfront of Old Town Alexandria. On the land-side, the changes are really dramatic; new and architecturally cool...
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Chapel in St Frances de Sales School

May 26, 2021
The long abandoned chapel retains the grandeur of its past. The soaring ceilings and rich stained glass windows amid crumbling walls and creaking floors still exude the r...
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Green Spring Gardens Walkabout

May 25, 2021
Yesterday I took a train trip to Northern Virginia to do a walkabout with a friend in my favorite garden spot. I even had the chance to see a large number of cicadas whic...
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