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Greetings! This is my place for art and thinking. The images I find out in the world and close to home are sometimes put here. I like to smile and hence like to find images that are smileworthy. I'm also a bit melancholy sometimes and hence you might find images of solitude and loneliness. 


Imperfectly Permanent?

October 01, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I did a walk on the Canal in Richmond. There is a stretch that has some really fun murals, street art. The art was cool and so was the land trying to take back what was lost! I very much liked this small spot...the only place like it in the world...the mural and the plants growing into the shape of the art. I spent quite a bit of time enjoying the area; the first image a study in life makes art, the second, it's all about the light.

Richmond Street ArtRichmond Street ArtPlant growing into shape of mural on the Richmond Canal Walk City Street ArtCity Street ArtLooking down the walkway with street art, murals, cool shadows, and walls on the Canal Walk in Richmond, VA  

Summer is Leaving

September 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Signs of summer ending have been with us for a couple of weeks. I am slowing my pace and being more mindful of the things around me and today I noticed this seed pod hanging on for dear life. Or actually, just the opposite, hoping to let go soon to find whatever destiny is due. My cousin Henry in the northern parts of Minnesota calls these "Warning Signs" that the cave cold of winter is slowly marching on. I guess that's what life is really about, learning to deal with that marching on because all things change and before you know, we are not part of the marchers anymore. That's why I am taking time to see things.

Please let me know whether you like this image in Black and White or color. Thanks for looking.

Seed PodSeed PodBlack & White Image of Seed Pod found on walk Seed PodSeed PodColor Image of Seed Pod found on walk

Impermanent, Imperfect

September 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I am still working on "the me," that is my philosophy towards life and art. You'd think that after all of these decades mucking about that I would have figured it out, but no, that's just not the way things are for me. For a while, I've been looking at wabi sabi and have started reading a book, "Wabi Sabi, The Wisdom in Imperfection" by Nobuo Suzuki. an author and philosopher currently living in Japan. Describing the concept of wabi sabi is difficult, Impermanent and imperfect are two descriptors commonly used. How does one experience wabi sabi? Suzuki suggests accepting imperfection, respecting what is fragile, being dynamically calm while we observe what we feel, being modest and accepting of all things impermanent while focusing on the here and now. I am certainly not trying to appropriate Japanese culture by learning about wabi sabi, I am using the tenets and philosophy to better understand me and my approach to art.

Everything has a story even if the story is a short one, if I move too fast I might miss that story. I can't seen to help it though, a clock is ticking in my head that I need to hurry up. I try to pause often, I will try harder. I was walking on the east part of the canal walk in Richmond not too far from the train station. It's a diverse and dynamic and often invisible population in that part of town. I saw these newish looking dress shoes sitting on this stone bench in an otherwise deserted section of the canal walk. And I wondered how.

ShoesShoesShoes on a bench in a deserted area under the bridges on the canal walk in Richmond, VA

Random Beauty

September 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Well, maybe not so random in real life but random in my image pile. As my life gets more complex and fall begins in earnest, I searched for images that made me feel good when I found them. That's the randomness of it, the actual in life flower was not so random. This combination of flowers was in the U.S. Botanical Garden and I'm sure were planted next to each with a very strong purpose. I was happy to find the colors. The second image is me trying to get a bee to pose for me, unsuccessfully, I might add. The day was a good one, my daughter and I were doing a walkabout in the Garden, way too long ago, 2014.

US Botanical GardenThe beauty and calm of the garden highlighted by glowing petals Posing BeeIn the Garden trying to get the bee to pose

Deserted Main Street Station

September 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this week I visited the Richmond Main Street Train Station. I'd been there a few months ago but much of the area inside had been closed, perhaps for event preparation. The station has been through a lot, floods, fires, and restorations. I think the structure once housed a shopping mall. Now, in addition to its train station duty, it also is an event center with two main areas, the "Headhouse" and the "Shed." The Head House is shown in the images below with the chandeliers and cafe tables. The "Shed" is where they kept the trains in days long gone by and is now a 100,000 square foot event space. There are still shades of days of yesteryear but the ghosts are slowly finding someplace else to be.

HeadhouseThe HeadhouseTables set up in the old Headhouse of the Richmond Main Street Station Main Street Station in RichmondHeadhouse in Main Street Station in RichmondClose up of tables set up in the Headhouse area of the Richmond Main Street Station Richmond Train StationThe Shed in the Richmond Train StationEvent space called the "Shed" in what used to be tracks in the Main Street Station in Richmond