Every once in a while I gather some of my photos into a collection and then put a book together, usually a small book of 30 pages or so. Some are larger, some smaller. There's something about the print and the collection of prints that seems more "permanent" in this digital world. Most of them are just photos but I am planning others...I find the creation of pictures with words much more difficult than taking photos. Some of the books will be on Amazon, or Blurb, or I will have self published them and will ship directly. The Amazon and Blurb sites have ordering methods, to order directly from me, click on the "Contact" link.

Waterford Walkabout

Waterford, Virginia is a small town about an hour or so west of Washington, DC. Rolling hills, vineyards, horses, history, and more all make this quaint little village an icon of America. I did a walkabout in the fall of 2017, shortly after their annual art festival and enjoyed the glorious colors, crisp air, and friendly people. 

The book is 8" by 8" has 32 pages and is $17.00 including US shipping. You can preview the book here.














Near the Water

I spent some time in California and was drawn to the ocean. The sounds, the smells, well...every sense is immersed. But the beauty of the water isn't limited to just California and to just the oceans. I wandered about in Virginia, too, and found quiet places without the sounds of the city even as I was just yards away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This one is on Amazon.








US Coast Guard Cutter "Eagle"

In September, 2017, the USCGC Eagle docked in Alexandria, VA for three days. I went out each of the days and soaked in the old sailing ship...a "Tall Ship" in sunny skies, murky rain, and in the middle of the night. The ship is really quite awesome as are the young men and women who sail on her. The last time I saw the ship and crew was about 4 in the morning as they passed under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge heading for their home port. Buy here.