Southeast Center for Photography, Greenville, SC, "Telling Tales" Exhibit, December 2022

Blue Mitchell from Oregon juried the exhibit, "Telling Tales" at SEC4P. An eclectic exhibit with quite a range of images and tales. I discovered my image was that selected one winter evening on the shores of Lake Accotink in Springfield, VA. It was a lonely, quiet evening which is rare in the suburbs. I could hear the ducks and geese landing and quacking. When I saw the bench, I'd found my image. 

Outlook HillOutlook HillIn "Telling Tales" Exhibition at SEC4P in Greenville, SC


Southeast Center for Photography, Greenville, SC, "Colors Exhibit" July 2021

I had the opportunity to tour the now abandoned St Emma school at the Belmeade Estate. This was a former plantation that was converted into a military high school for African-American boys during the first half of the 20th century. It closed in the seventies and much has been destroyed. There are a few buildings left standing including the mansion. This image is from the office which I imagined might be the headmasters. The colors are from the sun streaming through the stained glass windows. I am honored to have an image in this gallery, the SE Center for Photography!!

St Emma's HeadmasterSt Emma's HeadmasterFrom the mansion at St Emma's School at Belmeade. On display in "Colors" exhibition at the Southeast Center for Photography during July 2021 in Greenville, SC.

PhotoPlace [Gallery], Middlebury, VT, "Photo Noir Exhibit" Feb 26-Mar 19, 2021

My image, "Mel's" was found in Cooperstown, NY, one cold, dark spring evening and was juried in for permanent display at PhotoPlace [Gallery] online exhibit. The Photo Noir theme was right up my line for "melancholy" and Humphrey Bogart themed stories. The catalogue is available from Blurb. I really enjoyed all of the images in the exhibit and thought the sequencing was well done! Thank you PhotoPlace!

Mel'sMel'sMel's at 22 Restaurant in Cooperstown, NY, taken well after sunset


The Art League, January Open Show, On Display January, 2021

Hard to believe we're almost in a New Year! Although, I'm glad that it's so. I was honored by The Art League, they accepted my image "Day's End" into the first show of the year. They are working hard to continue support for the arts.

Day's End"Day's End"Burke Lake Dock at sunset

The Art League, December Open Show, On Display December, 2020

The Art League honored me by selecting my image "Walking Home" for display in December, 2020. The Art League is still open for limited in gallery viewing. They limit the number of people entering, take your temperature when you enter, give social distancing guidelines, and provide disinfectant lotion for hands. The Art League has worked very hard to support local artists during the pandemic. I found this image on the streets of Baltimore.

Walking Home"Walking Home"Streets of Baltimore walking through the steam billows from underground.

Maryland Federation of Art, "Light and Shadow" on Display December, 2020

In MFA's Circle Gallery my image "Peace" is on display through December. I found this image in the Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria. What captured my attention was the deep shadows from the trees just prior to the bright sunshine on the tree and cross. 

Peace"Peace"Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria, VA. On display December 2020 in the Circle Gallery, Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD


The Art League, October Open Show, On Display October, 2020

The Art League went from virtual to actual exhibits starting in October. This was a single image I'd found in Shirlington. The restaurants were only doing limited dining, mostly outside. But not this day...rain everywhere and some heavy. Only a sprinkle when I snapped the shutter. The chairs seemed to be in step, like a synchronized dance.  When I began post processing the image I decided that I would emphasize the dance concept by using double exposures.

Dancing ChairsDancing ChairsComposite Images of chairs seeming to dance in the rain

Maryland Federation of Art, Summer Member Show, On Display July 16, 2020

I was honored that the MFA chose my image "Wet Walk" for the Member Summer Show opening in mid-July but on their website now. MFA has been showing virtually for a few months but is opening under strict COVID guidelines in early July. There are no receptions and the number of folks visiting the gallery is strictly limited. If you are into traveling and are in Annapolis give them a visit and for sure, visit their website (Click HERE!)

Walking WetWalking WetA rainy day walk on the Wharf in Washington, DC

The Art League, Open Exhibit, July 2020

The Art League continues their virtual exhibits and this image, "Black Lives Matter" was chosen. I participated in a peaceful demonstration in Springfield, VA, and was very encouraged by the leadership and participation of young people. This image found me as the demonstrators peacefully began to march down the street for just two blocks to the local government center. This young lady led the march was obviously fired up and passionate and a leader!

Black Lives MatterBlack Lives MatterPeaceful #BLM demonstration in Springfield, VA.

The Art League, Open Exhibit, June 2020

The Art League selected this image for their June exhibit. This exhibit was also virtual which is a very good shows that The Art League is continuing to support art and the artists despite all of the challenges of the pandemic. This image, entitled "Standing Guard" was taken at dawn at the Manassas Battlefield National Park. I wanted to find something other than cannons and caissons and this tree called me. I think I'd call the look "Majestic" although lonely also comes to mind. 

Standing GuardStanding GuardLone tree standing guard at the Manassas National Battlefield Park

The Art League, Open Exhibit, May 2020

Once again I've been honored by The Art League and juried into this month's exhibit. I am doubly appreciative because The Art League is continuing to do their best to support artists and what we do despite the unusual and once-in-a-lifetime experiences we are going through with the pandemic. Bravo Art League!

For this image, I'd gone out with a friend to walkabout in National Harbor. I started at the east end and ambled my way toward the pier with the Ferris wheel. The giant wheel was my goal but the closer I got to the pier, the more the wheel seem to be waiting for me. When I was still some distance away, I found the place for my tripod and waited for the sun to sink below the horizon. I too, waited!

WaitingWaitingWalking on the docks of National Harbor

The Art League,  "Flora/Fauna" Exhibition, March 2020

I am honored to have one of my images selected for the Flora/Fuana Exhibit at The Art League in the Torpedo Factory. The image, entitled "First Light" was found at Huntley Meadows Park one sunrise a year or so ago. I went to the Park and walked to the end of the boardwalk close to the overlook. I had a collapsible camping chair for comfort which I plopped into and waited. I wasn't sure what I was waiting for except for the sunrise, I knew that it would come soon as well as a whole passel of birders with lenses as long as a baseball bat. I had my camera on a tripod, loosely pointed at the farside of the lake waiting for that postcard sunrise over the quiet water. 

And then, something swimming towards me. I first thought it must be a beaver because there were dams in the park. As the beast got closer I thought, "Otter!" Great wilderness expert that I am I was sure it was an otter. It swam about, fishing as it turns out, and then surfaced with this fish in its mouth. That was just about the time that the sun was fully out and the light was perfect, the otter posed, and I smiled. 

The coronavirus situation has changed the schedule of The Art League's hours. I know that the opening reception has been postponed and it's possible that their hours have changed.  Please check their website, in the meantime, enjoy the image, I enjoyed finding it!

Otter at Huntley Meadows ParkOtter at Huntley Meadows ParkOtter at Huntley Meadows Park


Maryland Federation of Art,  "Focal Point" Exhibition, February 2020

My image "Angst" below was juried into the Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) "Focal Point" exhibit in February, 2020. Next year already! Time flies. The "Focal Point" exhibit emphasizes the use of technology when creating the art. MFA describes the theme of the exhibit as: "Computer software has forever expanded ways for artists to capture and produce their work. MFA celebrates this exhibition by examining the artistic use of all digital media." My image is a composite of places and people in the Washington DC area as well as Richmond, VA. 

The piece is on exhibit from January 30 through February 29 (Leap Year!). The opening reception is February 9, 2020 at 3:00 PM - 5 PM. I hope you can find the time to see the show! The Circle Gallery is at 18 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401.

AngstAngstComposite of images in the Washington, DC, area as well as Richmond, VA


Maryland Federation of Art, January 2020

I am very pleased that one of my images was selected for the Maryland Federation Art's Members Winter Show. This is my first time at the MFA and I'm looking forward to contributing to that community! The image is once again from Burke Lake. Burke Lake is just a couple of miles from where I live and is rich in photographic opportunities. I was up at dawn, in the fog and waiting for images to find me. This one stands out among them. I'm glad that MFA agreed!

"Sunrise at the Marina""Sunrise at the Marina"Dawn. Fog. Looking across the inlet on Burke Lake at the Marina.


The Art League, December 2019

My art was juried into the December Show at The Art League in the Torpedo Factory! I am honored that the juror chose this image which is a little abstract but an actual typewriter I discovered in the Arts District in Asheville, NC. The typewriter was welded to the iron crossbars of a boardwalk railing in front of a row of artists' shops. There was no overhang or protection and so the machine was exposed to all the elements. In my mind, the image is an icon of what may be the loss of the written word in today's world. Or one of technology gone by. Or...who knows. 

Lost WordsLost WordsDisplayed at The Art League, December 2019


The Art League, November 2019

I'm honored to have one of my images juried into The Torpedo Factory's The Art League for November 2019. The image, entitled "I Am Technology #2" was taken in the Baltimore Industry Museum and is an old telephone switchboard. I am old enough to remember when operators used to sit in cramped quarters and literally connect one line to another. In fact, the old telephone building in my home town is still there. I remember walking by the building's open door on the lower floor, seeing all of the people (mostly women) plugging and unplugging lines to connect people from far, far away.

I appreciate The Art League's support for local artists and the opportunity to participate in the community.

And for those of you who arrived here from my email blast which still had the Visual Poetry image, sorry for the older event, although I hope you will keep Glen Echo and Photoworks in mind when you are thinking of the arts. 

I am technology #2I am technology #2Displayed at The Art League, November 2019


The Art League, October 2019

One of my images was juried into the October Art League Show in the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria. I found the image when visiting Kenilworth Gardens in Northeast DC during the hot summer months. The little girl walking through all of the bright lotus blossoms captured my attention for just that moment or two when there was no one else in the frame. A great place to visit.

If you have the chance to visit the Art League Gallery during October, that’d be very cool! I’m hoping to be at the opening reception on Thursday, October 10 at 6:30 p.m. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Walk in the GardenWalk in the GardenDisplayed at The Art League, October 2019


Aug 11, 2019.

I am honored and humbled to have been asked to display a few of my poems and images in a show next month with incredible artists from Photoworks in Glen Echo Park, Maryland. The show, entitled "Visual Poetry" is in the Popcorn Gallery during the weekends in September with the opening reception on Friday, September 6 from 6 to 8 pm. (I have included the press release for the show and reception.) During the reception, Poet E. Ethelbert Miller, will be doing a reading of his work. Also that evening, ALL of the galleries in Glen Echo Park will be open for the last Art Walk of the year including not just photography but art glass, pottery, sculpture, silverwork, oils, and more!

For more information on this show, please regularly check the Glen Echo Photoworks website. The images in this slide show are from some of the artists exhibiting in Visual Poetry. The press release is below the images.