Artist’s Statement
Flat was the rule on the South Dakota prairie where I grew up, where all things blend together making going forward the same, no matter the direction. My art is about that journey, finding myself and what’s important. Many of my images are lonely trees, isolated islands, deserted beaches…flatscapes of the prairie, the ocean, the forest are highlighted by the power and hope of a vertical anchor.
My piece “Lookout” recounts my dreams of leaving flat South Dakota for the hills of Texas and a new life. The stories I tell are of loss, desolation, refuge, love, and hope in a fusion of poetry and images, intersections of memory, light, place, and moment. My life’s cycled through relationships, joy and grief, victory and death; crisscrossing America as a rocker, fighter pilot, chef, lawyer, and more.

My image and haiku of The Vietnam Wall was triggered by a memory of me in the 60s marching in an anti-war demonstration. A spark connected the moment of remembering and the past memory of loss and sorrow. That image hung in the Torpedo Factory, was purchased by a collector and donated to a Veteran’s care facility in Henderson, NV.