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Almost There

If journeys were a sentence and minutes the miles, the images in this collection are the commas, the pauses between journey’s movement and destination’s peace. The place and time just before you get there where light and life meet. Where the magic happens. The joy of starting the journey and the hope of reaching the end are fulfilling and graced with hope, but the best place is where we are right now, almost there. These images are from the place and time when I leaned forward, just a little bit.

Walking through forests, villages, city streets, meadows, and farms I’m seldom destination oriented. My rambling, random gait doesn’t readily support determined and planned photographic content. Rather, images often surprise me, suddenly appearing, offering themselves for me to enjoy and to memorialize with my camera’s sensor and as well as that “sensor” in my head. This immersive, creative process evolves slowly and although there are indeed “Ah Ha” moments, most images are initially difficult to see and slow to materialize. They start as fleeting shadows. Then they make me wonder if what I am seeing is really for me, and then, finally, ‘Yep, that’s my image.’
Over the years I’ve found there always seems to be a place or time on my walks that has the lighting and mood of “almost there.” The almost there that is just around the corner. Just down the road. Just one more time. Each image was carefully made sometimes with the end in sight but usually not. Rather you can see hints from the bend of a path, the curve of a shadow, the speckled reflection of light.

Imagine. Almost there.
Nighttime JourneyHeading HomeForest SunsetEarly Morning PotomacIsland DreamsFoggy ShorelineMemorial BridgeHeading to WorkJust one more mileVigilanceA Place to Wait